Employment Alliance

The goal of the Employment Alliance is to build relationships and create effective and efficient solutions to meet the workforce needs in the Greater Rochester and Buffalo regions. The Employment Alliance will work with your organization to develop individualized training plans, support diversity initiatives within your organization, and enhance your community connection and customer base

What does the Employment Alliance bring to the workplace?

New employees are provided with an employment specialist / job coach. The employment specialist will:

  • Partner with you to develop a training plan for your new employee to facilitate employment success
  • Assist the new employee with learning their job responsibilities, as well as become acclimated to the culture of your organization
  • Be available to the work site supervisor to discuss progress and assist with any concerns
  • As the new employee becomes more proficient in their job, the employment specialist will phase out their onsite support, while maintaining contact with both you and the new employee
In addition, the Employment Alliance can provide a Disability Awareness and Sensitivity Presentation to your organization. This can be helpful to management, Human Resources, front line workers and volunteers.
For more information about partnering with us, contact the director of the Employment Alliance: Marianne Durrant

As a business partner with the Employment Alliance, what can you expect?

  • You'll provide training and any work related items to the new employee as you would any new company employee
  • The Employment Alliance will provide you with ongoing support
  • The Employment Alliance will be a resource regarding incentives and benefits that may be available to businesses who hire people with disabilities

Serving Job Seekers

Employment specialists work with job seekers to determine the type of work that is personally meaningful, take pride in their strengths and talents, overcome potential challenges related to employment and set strategies to achieve career goals. Additionally, they assist with:

  • Skill assessment and consultation
  • Employment related skill building
  • Job searches, applications and interviews – job finding that matches a candidate’s skills and interests, support with hiring processes including interviewing
  • Travel training - finding a reliable means to get to work, which may include walking, riding a bicycle or using public transportation
  • Job coaching – working with the employer’s staff to develop an individualized plan to strengthen a candidate’s success on the job and feel part of the workplace culture
  • Professional networking events - opportunities to meet other people who are working or seeking employment and give candidates the opportunity share and learn from others

If you are interested in finding our more about our employment services, contact the director of the Employment Alliance: Marianne Durrant.