More Choice and Options

As Medicaid continues to change, it will stop offering support to people with disabilities in a one-size-fits-all package. Instead, people have the option of choosing what supports are most important and which agency they would like to work with. Heritage Christian Services has already built the infrastructure for the new way Medicaid will be doing business with agencies.

That’s why we ask you to contact us so we can find out more about your needs and work with you to determine the best plan of action for supports and services.

We offer everything from residential and day services to in home respite, community habilitation and brokers to help you create a completely personalized plan – and we’re looking forward to partnering with you.

For people interested in a personalized plan – one that gives people the opportunity of coordinating how and where they receive services – Heritage Christian offers both brokerage and fiscal intermediary services.


What is the role of a broker?
A broker supports families in creating a customized plan to meet the annual needs of their loved ones and is charged with helping families and individuals carry out the plan. 

How will that be different than what I'm used to?
People with disabilities, along with their circle of support, will be in the driver’s seat, actively making decisions for their lives and directing their services. Heritage Christian has always worked toward treating people with dignity and encouraged as much independence as possible. This process helps standardize that.

What's the first step?
Contact your Medicaid service coordinator, who will complete a referral for you. Once the referral is approved, you will be given a list of brokers and fiscal intermediary service providers to choose from and partner with to begin your customized plan. A fiscal intermediary service provider, which is an agency like Heritage Christian, helps manage the Medicaid money that’s associated with an individual’s plan for services.

Looking for a broker? Click here for our list of brokers.